If you want a Painting adapted to your space, challenge me.
Indicate the theme you want to see worked and the space for the painting.


To carry out the Budgeting, I will have to know yours objectives: the destination, the dimensions and the theme of the painting. Send the information by email. I’ll answer in 48 hours.
The Budget is free.


The Proposal is a document with the synopsis and technical description of the painting that I imagine for you. Here we will define the objectives of the painting, looking for a compromise that satisfies you.


The Painting follows a protocol of six steps: canvas preparation, drawing, painting, color layer, glazing and application of the varnish.
The Painting is produced in prepared linen canvas, grills 68×22 and oil paints artist series.


At the end, your Painting will be packed and identified with my stencil for the Expedition.
Ask for Budgeting through the email info@alexandrecoxo.com