Tiros – Once Upon A Time

“Once upon a time” marks the beginning of a narrative discourse whose order of words is sequential and self-generated by a certain ordered, preordained movement. In history there is a series of events and it is in this interplay of causality and effect that they present themselves and represent the most expressive effects of the narrative, already imagined, recreated and transformed. Not only by those who make them known but also by those who receive them and, sequentially, dominate, move and disorder what once was, to be again, what was once and repeatedly has ceased to be, in series.

It was the river, your body and a tree.

The water of the river moves and you watch.

In the shadow of a tree, you wait and you remain.

You look far, far away, in a house, two and more.

You approach the river without leaving the shadow of the tree.

The movement of water creates a harmonious sequence of sounds.

Your body leaves the shadow of the tree and continues to follow.

You walk with the water of the river, a tree and a house, two and more.

Once upon a time there was the river, a tree and you transformed them.

Susana Vilas-Boas

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